Translation Business As Usual Despite Heavy Snow!

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As Britain grinds to a halt in the heaviest snowfall in 13 years, its business as usual despite heavy snow. The benefit of being an online business is that our office is unaffected. Most of our translators are working normally. This is because they typically work from home, and either live in other parts of the UK, or overseas.

Face to face interpreting

Realistically, we won’t easily be able to offer face to face interpreting services. At least not over the next couple of days. This of course is due to the impact of the weather. However, we may well be able to help with telephone interpreting. This depends only on linguist availability and required language combination.

Solid infrastructure and IT

Snow can of course affect infrastructure. There is a slight risk to electricity, which would impact us. Fortunately, all is fine there. We also have added redundancy to our broadband, as we have two separate providers. BT via the phone network, and Virgin via cable. This means that if one has a problem, the other is likely to be okay.

Business as usual despite heavy snow

The office is nice and warm. We have a coal fire going, which creates a warm and comfortable working environment. Don’t think I will venture out today. We rarely visit clients for face to face meetings, but inclement weather shows the benefit of technology such as teleconferencing.