Translation In An Economic Downturn

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Like all businesses we are keeping a careful eye on the business environment in the current economic downturn. So far the translation industry has remained fairly buoyant. The reason for this is that we are in a growing market. As more and more businesses look to do business internationally, there is an ongoing need for all types of translation. There is is therefore continued demand for translation in an economic downturn.

Current projects

This week we have had enquiries for multi-lingual translation work into a wide range of languages. These included Arabic, as well as Simplified Chinese. We rarely sub-contract for other translation businesses, but are working on a large medical project at the moment. I have just quoted on a large website into 4 separate languages.

Today we have been preparing and typesetting a marketing brochure into Arabic for a UK client. We are also working on French, and Spanish versions of the same brochure.

Digital marketing

Our website has increasing traffic. We have also started to generate sales through web marketing such as Google Adwords. However, our main focus is on people finding us through the Google organic results. Our aim is to build useful and informative content, as well as ethical link building and on page SEO. We hope you like the site.

Translation in an economic downturn

Talking to translators and other industry suppliers, other translation agencies also seem to be quite busy at the moment. Globally translation has continued to grow throughout the recession. We are anticipating ongoing growth this year, and are already looking at some exciting prospective projects.