Translation Management

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Clients aren’t always clear on the role of translation management. We therefore thought that this short article would be of interest.

Translation is a bespoke service

Its important to say at the outset, that translation is a bespoke service. Individual translation projects do vary in both scale and scope. Client needs also vary. A “one size fits all” approach to translation management is therefore not very helpful.

Types of projects

The biggest single difference in our approach, is whether the job is single target language or multiple languages. With a single target language job, there are usually less document formatting issues.  This is in marked contrast to a multiple language project. Here, it is highly likely that the project manager will format a multi-language version of the document.

Translation Management problem solving

Project Managers also liaise between the client and the project team. They deal with queries about the text, and any amendments. Sometimes the client needs changes to the source text during the life of the project. It is also quite common that translators and proofreaders have questions about the text.

At Better Languages, we are very precious about the Translation Manager role. Translation Managers have to be linguists themselves. They do not actually translate or proofread. However, they have to have in depth depth understanding of these job roles. They also need the necessary gravitas to deal confidently with customers.

Inevitably things sometimes go wrong with a project. For example, what happens if a translator becomes¬† seriously ill during the project? Maybe our regular translators are on holiday, or busy with other projects. The end client shouldn’t normally notice these types of issues. It is the normal work of a translation manager to resolve these types of problems.

We very much take the view that the client’s problem is our problem. Our Translation Managers therefore have a “can do” approach. For example, a company contacted us a few months ago, with a large single language project. They had a looming deadline, and had been let down by another agency. Our immediate response was “yes of course we can help”. We were able to deliver the project on time, and the result was a very happy new client.

We work with a wide variety of file formats, and can provide desk top publishing in most major design formats, in a very wide range of languages. Our Translation Managers take the time and trouble to understand exact needs, and then work with the project team to deliver a quality translation service.