Translation Service

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There are a lot of factors to consider when choosing a translation service. Better Languages has been successful in both winning and keeping major clients. These include retailers Mothercare International and New Look. We have achieved this by working hard at customer care. Our team specialises in retail. We offer the kind of quality translation service that retailers need.

We translate for many different markets and sectors. Much of our work is multi-lingual, for example we currently translate into 9 languages for Mothercare. We recently translated into 40 languages on a single project. We work into and from all major languages paired with English.

Translating your marketing messages

A translation service is not just about giving the literal meaning in another language of the words on a page. Our translators need to understand the client. They need to understand your intended message, including tone of voice. The context in which you will use the translation is also important. For example a translation for internal understanding is different to a text for publication.

Different target audiences may also affect the style and tone. For example are you targetting young professional private consumers, or selling B2B to large corporate customers?

Regular work – understanding our customers

We achieve this best by working with clients over a long period of time. Customers who keep chopping and changing agencies are unlikely to get as good an end result. This is likely to affect consistency. We use consistent terminology. Wherever possible we also use the same translators for the same clients. Find out more about our translation service.