We make little political comment as a business. However, being Nottingham based, clearly have a concern to see good quality development in our city and region. The headlines in today’s Nottingham Evening Post therefore worry us. This gives us serious concerns about the new conservative regime at County Hall. Specifically their attitude to the Nottingham World Cup bid, seems a bit odd. So are they cranky conservatives?

Cranky Conservative or the loony right?

Councillor Cutts seems to want to become the Tory equivalent of the “Looney Left” authorities of the 1980s. First the tram fiasco. Pulling out of the previous administration’s commitment to extend the tram network. Now they criticised the approach of the bidding group for the Nottingham World Cup bid. The Tories go for headline grabbing “we’re pulling out” headlines. Like a child throwing the rattle out of the pram. There is an existing feasibility study which rules out the City Ground. So why is the County Council so insistent on redeveloping the site?

Our recommendation

Few people would question that Nottingham’s involvement in the World Cup would be good. This would benefit both for the City and the County. We therefore urge the County Council to think carefully about how to work with the City Council. They also need to work with other interested parties. They need to produce a viable and successful World Cup bid, which will benefit us all.