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Website translation is one of our specialities. We always use native professional translators of relevant specialism, with independent QA. We translate into over 60 major languages. It is important to remember that different types of website require different approaches to translation. For example an e-commerce site will essentially require accurate product descriptions, and is really marketing driven.

Translation format

These days most of our website translations are delivered in Word or Excel. This is because clients then upload the translation via their own content management system. We can also work with HTML or XML. Our translators work with software which allows them to translate the text whilst leaving tags alone.

Don’t just translate the page content. For SEO purposes it is vital that you also translate the main tags, especially the page title and description. Any pop ups, or call outs should also be translated. It gives a poor user experience if when navigating you target language site, your foreign language reader keeps getting pop ups and other features appearing in English.

Using the right words

Choice of words by the translator can be very important. For example we could translate “faux fur” into Spanish with the meaning of “false fur”. It would be a correct translation in the sense of being understood. However, it wouldn’t sound very nice in Spanish. Our preferred wording back translates as “imitation fur”, which sounds much nicer.

Specialist translators

Some websites require a high degree of technical content, and here we use translators of the correct technical specialism. A website may also require a combination of specialisms. For example it may be essentially a brochure site, designed to market your product or service. This could require a technical translation if the product is very technical, or a marketing specialism, or both. The site could also include terms and conditions of business requiring specialist legal translation.

If necessary we can use translators of different specialisms for different parts of the website.

Next steps

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