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We offer a comprehensive website translation service. Are you looking to communicate in overseas markets? Whether you need a traditional brochure site to market your brand, an e-commerce translation, or an app in 13 languages, we can help.

We translate into all major languages, and are happy to work on multi-language or single language website translation projects. The team can work directly in html or XML in the majority of languages. However, these days most clients prefer to receive translated files in a Word or Excel format. We can also provide complimentary pdf copies, of all translations provided in word. There are two opposite mistakes often made by potential clients with website translation. These are worth thinking about before commissioning translation:

1) Omitting important text, especially off page content

Not considering all that needs to be translated. this can result in unrealistically low quotes. For example do you have text additional to the page content which needs translating? This could include forms, hidden areas, error messages, title tags, alt text etc. Off page content can be very important for Search Engine Optimisation. Badly done, it can damage your English content’s performance. For example leaving title tags in English for a translated page, is a common mistake. Guess what, Google is likely to think that pages with duplicate titles, are copies of the same page.

2) Asking for too much to be translated.

Do you really need your 800 page UK site translated into 3 languages straight away? Of course we will be very happy to do the work! However, do remember that search engines like content added regularly. So why not start with the most important content? You can then build up the new language version over a period of time. This spreads the cost, and eases the burden for your web developer.

3) Understanding your needs

The more we understand your needs, the better we can help. For example, do you want the new language versions to provide information? Or, do you want to sell directly into a given target market?

4) Language variants

Many languages have a number of possible variants, so please be specific about the market you are targeting. For example, there are important differences between French for France, and Canadian French, even though the languages are very similar. It doesn’t matter if you aren’t sure of the exact requirements for the countries you are targeting. We can discuss this with you and advise.

5) Next steps

Contact Better Languages to discuss your needs, or look at other sections of our website to find more information about our website translation service.