Machine Translation – not a good idea.

Machine Translation – Not A Good Idea. Request a Quote We just received a machine translation offer from a company in Russia. Unfortunately, it looks like they’ve been over using their product. The brand name is “Promt”. Any English native will see the problem with this. Whether deliberate or accidental, it looks like a typo. […]

Translation Manager appointment

Translation Manager Appointment Request a Quote Translation Manager appointment – We welcome Nicole Betts to the team as a full-time Translation Manager. Nicole has a good background in translation project management. She has previously worked for two other translation companies in the Midlands. She has also worked as a freelance translator. Nicole joined us at […]

spammy SEO offers: read what we think

Spammy SEO Offers: Read What We Think Request a Quote We regularly receive spammy SEO offers by email. This morning we received one which is typical. Having been taken in before, we are very careful before selecting SEO companies to work with. Here are a few of their findings about our site: After checking the […]