Better Languages at the forefront of internet development – says Google

Better Languages At The Forefront Of Internet Development – Says Google Request a Quote I tweeted this last night, so thought it was time to explain. We are at the forefront of internet development, in the sense that we are prioritising mobile. This is also a priority for Google. The proportion of internet users using […]

book translation – translating literary and technical works

Book Translation – Translating Literary And Technical Works Request a Quote Book translation needs a different approach depending on the type of text. The first thing to say about translating books, is that translation can get expensive. It is also time consuming to do it well. 2500 words is a typical daily output for a […]

volcanic ash clouds and airlines – business impact

Volcanic Ash Clouds And Airlines – Business Impact Request a Quote It all seems very surreal at the moment. Most European airspace is closed for business. This is consequently, no joke for the aviation industry. However, it is also having a big impact on other businesses. As an internet business, in theory we aren’t very […]

Translating website content

Translating Website Content Request a Quote Website translation is a big part of our work. Like many sectors, we are seeing a move away from print media. There is a move towards online marketing. This means we are translating website content on a much greater scale than a few years ago. Translating your website is […]

Better Languages new trading address

Better Languages New Trading Address Request a Quote As the translation company¬†continues to grow, we have a new trading address. We have moved into new premises on the industrial estate in Bingham. We have updated the website to include our new contact details. There is a location map courtesy of Google maps on our contact […]