Marketing and Communicating in 2010 – Paul Walsh CEO Diageo

Marketing And Communicating In 2010 – Paul Walsh CEO Diageo Request a Quote I went to an excellent talk by Paul Walsh yesterday. This was at Nottingham Business School. I expected a high quality presentation, having attended a previous lecture. The title of the talk was “Marketing and Communicating in 2010.” You may, like me, […]

Better Languages wins multi-million pound government contract

Better Languages Wins Multi-Million Pound Government Contract Request a Quote OK, only kidding, but it would be great wouldn’t it? We’ve just signed up for the “Compete for” website, its free to register, and any UK company wanting to tender for public sector business should sign up. The slight snag is our current size. we’re […]

ISO9001 quality assurance programme

ISO9001 Quality Assurance Programme Request a Quote ISO 9001 is the most universally recognised quality standard. As part of our constant drive for improvement, we are therefore building a quality system. Work is progressing well on both policies and procedures. We hope to be ready to apply for formal accreditation by the autumn, or maybe […]

Internet Conference in Nottingham 14th May

Internet Conference In Nottingham 14th May Request a Quote We are looking forward to meeting other delegates at the internet conference today. it looks like there is an excellent lineup of speakers. We are happy to share our experience of building a web presence. If you want to talk about any aspect of internationalising your […]

UK General Election 2010

UK General Election 2010 Request a Quote The UK General Election 2010 produced no clear winner. An unusually closely fought election saw no UK party with an overall majority. The campaign was long and arduous. There was much made of personality, but little policy detail. The Liberal Democrats ran a good campaign, considering that they […]