UK summer bank holiday 2010

UK Summer Bank Holiday 2010 Request a Quote Well its the Friday afternoon before the summer bank holiday. What would you expect a translation company to be doing? Unsurprisingly we are working on a range of translation projects! Current translation projects include care label translations for two regular clients, various food label translation project, we […]

packaging and labeling translation

Packaging And Labelling Translation Request a Quote Packaging and labeling translation are two of our main specialisms. We work between English and all major world languages. Wikipedia gives some useful background about packaging and labeling. You will note that “labeling” (single “l”) is the US English spelling. If you are reading this page, it is therefore likely […]

Chinese Translation Services

Chinese Translation Services Request a Quote Chinese is one of our main translated languages. Did you know that Chinese is the most spoken first language in the world? It is well ahead of English as a first language. As China is an important market, many of our retail customers need the services of our Chinese […]