Wonder if other people have had the same trouble as us. I’m having a nightmare with this wonderful mobile phone provider. We were regular customers. No problems until we wanted a phone upgrade and contacted 3 customer service.

Fine til we wanted an upgrade

As the contract was coming to an end we asked about an upgrade. I thought about a Blackberry or an iPhone.  After much dithering on their part we decided to cancel our contract and move to another provider. Since then they have deluged us with offers and phone calls.

Too late guys, all you are doing is winding us up!

Trouble after cancelling our contract

As if this wasn’t enough though, they have a nice little trick going if you ask for the PUC code. They issue you it on request (as they are obliged to). Okay so far. But if you don’t use it (we preferred our new number with our new provider), they try to say you haven’t cancelled the contract.

They then continue to charge monthly payments, even though you are out of contract.

Ofcom complaints about 3 customer service

Nice try 3, but our next stop will be trading standards and Ofcom if you persist. 3 dreadful mobile phone customer service.