Better Business In Bingham!

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Better Languages has been part of the Bingham Business Club since 2006. The club has recently launched a new breakfast meeting. The aim is to promote networking amongst local businesses within the Bingham area. The inaugural breakfast meeting was on Tuesday. Around 50 people attended. These were mainly local business representatives, who were seeking better business in Bingham, as well as better networking.

Better business in Bingham

The club aims to promote better business in Bingham. Of course, with our domain name we can’t disagree with that! So why is networking important? The company attends a number of local, as well as regional, networking groups. We have never subscribed to the BNI type approach. We do appreciate that many people like this style of networking, but we don’t. Our approach is very much about getting to know other businesses. There is always something which we can learn from other people’s experience.

Business benchmarking

If you only benchmark your company against similar competitors in the same industry, then the result can be quite bland. When we launched the previous version of our website for example, we looked at a variety of sites. At the time the Coca-Cola site really appealed. If you compared the two sites, then ours didn’t look anything like the coke site! Nevertheless we learnt from their clarity of message, and simplicity of style. We tried the same approach. At the time many translation industry websites weren’t very clear, and they were also too wordy. We hope you like our site content, and find it helpful and informative.