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Its been a very busy week for Better Languages. If you would like to read about our experiences, Better Languages is currently featuring on In a Fish Fowl. The business reality website. Follow the story of Directors Mike and Bea Hunter. 2010 has been a challenging year for the business. We felt that the wider business community would benefit by reading about our experiences. In a Fish Bowl follows three businesses and how they respond to different business challenges.

Fish Bowl

Fish Bowl is marketed as being better than The Apprentice, or Dragons Den. The idea is to follow real life business situations, by following real businesses.

The site gives business advice, case studies, and small business resources. Real business owners, experiencing real business issues, all in real time. It Includes regular Twitter updates. There are also blogs, as well as question and answer articles. There is a panel of business experts. Our latest article, “The joy….or not of being busy” – tells of the typical “feast or famine” feeling of running a translation company. I often say that translation orders are like buses. Nothing for a while and then they all come at once.

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Our twitter updates are @fish3em you can also follow our business news at @betterlanguages.

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2017 Fish Bowl update

Reading through this old news article, I realise there is business interest in Fish Bowl. The site closed in 2011, but there is still a lot of relevant material available online. I have included links to the facebook page. There is also a lot of content on YouTube.

Better Languages has changed significantly since 2010. Back then the issues were the recession, as well as our move to leased premises on the Bingham industrial estate. In 2017 we are in our own premises, on Lenton Lane in Nottingham. A new chapter is starting as we go back to our roots as a virtual business with staff working remotely.

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