Better Languages Website Refresh

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We are very pleased to announce that the Better Languages website refresh is now live. We have updated the look as well as the feel of our website. Our aim is to improve the site experience for readers. Initially we only updated the English version, whilst leaving the other sites unaffected. We have now extended this to each language version of the website.

Website changes

The essential feel of the site is similar to the previous design. However, we have updated the look and feel. We hope you like it. We are really pleased with the result. The team has added new photography, tweaked the design, and also evolved the colour scheme. The palette is consistent with the previous version, but we have modernised the look.

We are building content all the time. If you follow our blog, then you will know that we write about topical translation and news issues. We have also added additional pages about the business, and more about our translation specialisms.

Additional languages and changing search habits

Our next task will be to expand the new site content into the other languages. We are currently working on new translations for several pages, these are currently only available in English. Our next improvement will be a version of the English site for people using handheld devices. We are aware that search habits are changing. More people are using the web for business purposes using either a mobile or a tablet.

Site feedback

If you like the latest version of the site, or have ideas for further possible site improvements we would welcome comments and suggestions. Feel free to use our web form in order to contact us.