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We have now made our new Better Languages mobile site live, and we hope that you like it. This enables us to provide information in a more suitable format for handheld devices. There is a link to the mobile version of the site in the footer of our homepage.

The purpose of providing a dedicated site, is to give you a better site experience. We achieve this through better load speed, and correct size of images and other layout features.

Better Languages mobile site – tailored design

If you view it on a desktop, then it stretches across the screen. Hand held devices need a special screen size. The site aims to be concise. It also allows easy access to our translation advice as well as support, and main pages. A particular feature is the click to call buttons. There is also contact information, which allows you to use a web form or email us. We provide regular updates through our news section. This shows extracts from our main site, as well as allowing you to access other articles.

We plan to build additional content over the next few months. Once we have evaluated the results, we may also introduce other language versions.

Contact Better Languages

If you would like to speak to us about any aspect of translation, feel free to get in touch. Either contact us by phone on 0115 9788980, or use our contact form.