Better Languages At The Forefront Of Internet Development - Says Google

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I tweeted this last night, so thought it was time to explain. We are at the forefront of internet development, in the sense that we are prioritising mobile. This is also a priority for Google. The proportion of internet users using Smartphones and other handheld devices, is the fastest growing area of internet access. In some countries, like China, mobile is already well ahead of desktop.

Presentation by Steve Lusty of Google

I went to an excellent event at Nottingham Trent University last night. Growbizonline was for entrepreneurs and small businesses, it gave ideas for online success. One of  the keynote speakers was Steve Lusty of Google. I found his presentation very thought provoking. One issue which struck me concerned mobile. He commented that mobile web content is in its infancy, but growing fast. We have used several approaches with mobile, including responsive web design, this resizes the screen depending on screen size. We have now launched a dedicated mobile mini site.

How are we at the forefront of internet development?

I’m convinced that we had the right idea developing a mobile site. It is indeed at the forefront of internet development. We have included “click to call” functionality. This enables you to contact us easily by phone on a mobile device. The site loads fast, because it is developed for mobile. Images are stripped back to also make it faster. You can click through to the main site from the mobile version.

If you are in a business meeting or travelling, and need our advice and support, contacting us couldn’t be simpler. You can also view the mobile site on a desktop. There is a link to it at the bottom of our homepage. Do though remember that it is for handhelds, so looks a bit weird on a PC.

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