Book Translation - Translating Literary And Technical Works

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Book translation needs a different approach depending on the type of text. The first thing to say about translating books, is that translation can get expensive. It is also time consuming to do it well. 2500 words is a typical daily output for a translator. This means that if your book is 100,000 words, you are looking at 40 days work for a single translator. Splitting most books between two or more translators is not a good idea. This would result in a disjointed textual style and flow. The book will read like the work of two authors.

Selecting translators

Translation can be single or multiple language. As with all areas of translation work, we use specialist translators. They are both professionally qualified, and native of the target language. As with any area of translation, the clearer the source text, the easier is the work of the translator.

Technical works

For technical books, we can prepare a glossary of agreed terminology and ensure that this is used consistently. Our translators and proofreaders are always specialist in the required technical area. A good technical translator is in effect a technical author in their target language. They need to understand any required specialist vocabulary. They also need to express things in a way which makes sense to the target language audience.

Book translation quotes and confidentiality

We can quote on book translations on receipt of an editable copy of the source text. We are happy to sign a confidentiality agreement prior to receiving the text. The only use we will put to the document is to provide a quote. We can then delete it from our system if you decide not to go ahead.

Next steps

For large projects, it is likely that we will want a proportion of the price up front before starting work. Please contact us  if you want to enquire about book translation.