EMITA Event In Derby 10/05/10

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We are members of EMITA, the East Midlands International Trade Association. EMITA is the only East Midlands organisation specifically of exporters. It has strong links with UKTI, who are a major sponsor. UKTI is the Government department responsible for international trade. EMITA is an invaluable resource for importers and exporters. There are a wide range of members between small start-ups and larger businesses. There is also a wide range of sectors, including manufacturing, food and drink, and services. The EMITA event last night was up to their usual high standard.

I find I can learn a lot from other exporters. Shared experience, including lessons learnt when things go wrong, is very powerful. Some businesses just think networking is about selling, but I think there is much more to it than just meeting potential customers.

EMITA event – Trading with the Baltic States

Last night’s event was about trading with the Baltic States. This included presentations from Trade Officers from Latvia, Estonia, and Lithuania. There is always more to learn about different countries, their economies, and about local culture. Yesterday’s event was no exception, and copies of the presentations are available on the EMITA website.

The Baltic States are small, but valuable and growing markets. There are lot of opportunities for UK businesses to trade. Language can be an issue. Russian is commonly spoken, but you must use the local language on product packaging.

Networking with other exporters

The event was also useful for networking with other businesses, and we met staff from as diverse businesses as Castle Pumps – who unsurprisingly manufacture lots of kinds of pumps; a company that supplies milk to schools, as well as another translation company.

Translating Baltic languages

We translate into Estonian, Latvian and Lithuanian. These are expanding markets for us. One of our major retail clients is active in the area, and talking to us about a number of exciting projects, so watch this space! Contact us to discuss any aspect of translation.