Food Labelling Translation For International Packaging

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Food labelling translation is one of our major areas of work. If you need translation into a single language for a single product, talk to us. We can also translate your 500 SKUs into 27 languages. Just don’t expect to be able to display all the languages on a single pack!

Legally compliant food labels

As with many areas of packaging, translated pack copy for food labelling needs to be legally compliant. We work with specialist compliance partners, who can advise on the compliance aspects of international packaging. From a translation point of view, the task is to accurately represent the product in the target language.

As with many areas of translation, attention to the source text is really crucial to a successful project. However, you need to supply the correct source language information. Let’s take an obvious example, mis-description. If you mis-describe the product in English, we won’t necessarily know. We will then consistently, and accurately reflect your wrong text when translating. Be careful in this respect. For example, have you updated the product packaging since writing the specification? If you have changed the ingredients, and give us an old spec, then the translation will be wrong.

Food labelling translation

As we work with food labelling regularly, translators are specialist in translating for the food and drink sector. We always use professional translators who are native of the target language. In many instances translators are in-country and this helps with ensuring most up-to -date terminology.

As with many areas of translation, food labelling has both marketing and technical aspects. Translators have to be faithful to the original text but also describe the food in the most appetising way possible. We also check and approve finished artwork in the target languages.  Usually, an artwork team is not native of the target languages. It is therefore very easy for errors to creep in at the artwork stage. Missing text, or cut and paste errors will not be obvious.

More information

This is a brief introduction to a complex subject. If you are thinking about going multi-lingual on food labelling the earlier you contact us the better. More information is also available on our food label translation page.