Marketing And Communicating In 2010 - Paul Walsh CEO Diageo

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I went to an excellent talk by Paul Walsh yesterday. This was at Nottingham Business School. I expected a high quality presentation, having attended a previous lecture. The title of the talk was “Marketing and Communicating in 2010.”

You may, like me, never have heard of Diageo. However, you will almost certainly have heard of some of their brands. These include Guinness, Johnie Walker, as well as Smirnoff…amongst many others.

Marketing in a digital environment

Paul was speaking largely about marketing in a digital environment. He stressed the importance of both Twitter and Facebook. He also gave some interesting examples of managing brand image. Engagement with consumers through social media was one of his main priorities. He talked about techniques such as guerrilla marketing.

The decline in TV advertising

An interesting statistic quoted was that 47% of TV viewers in the UK pay for advertisement free viewing. He gave an example of Sky. With the Sky digibox, you can watch when you want to, and fast forward the ads. The focus now is therefore very much on dialogue and consumer engagement.

Conclusions for marketing and communicating in 2010

Fascinating talk, though very business to consumer focused. I think there are still things to learn for business to business. We’ll have to give some thought to our use of Twitter, and also Facebook, for engaging with businesses. I have tended to see LinkedIn as the social media platform for business. We have a Facebook page but tend to see this as a way to raise awareness rather than direct selling.

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