Packaging And Labelling Translation

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Packaging and labeling translation are two of our main specialisms. We work between English and all major world languages. Wikipedia gives some useful background about packaging and labeling. You will note that “labeling” (single “l”) is the US English spelling. If you are reading this page, it is therefore likely that you are looking for translation services including US English. We work from both UK and US English.

Better Languages US customers

We work regularly with the US market. Clients include some of the world’s leading brands. These include Avery Dennison. We have provided their care label translations for over 20 years. Our US work covers a wide variety of languages. Other US clients include Zak Designs, for whom we translate a wide range of product packaging.

Food packaging and labeling translation

Food label translation is another major area of work. We regularly translate food labeling into well over 60 languages. We have access to compliance advice if this is required. Food labeling translation projects include high volume work for major retailers, as well as food manufacturers.

Recent food labeling translations have included over 300 product lines into Hungarian for a major UK retailer, and a range of 30 products into 27 languages including Arabic and Kazakh for another regular client.

packaging, inserts and user guides

With product packaging, we translate a wide variety of information for use on pack. We also translate user guides, inserts and other types of product manuals and user guides.

The Better Languages team

Our translation teams are the key to our success. We work with dedicated project managers, and teams of translators, as well as proofreaders and QA checkers. We also have capability for multilingual DTP. The company is ISO: 9001 certified for translation services.

Next steps:

We would like to talk if you have regular packaging and labeling translation needs. Either call us on +44 115 9788980 to discuss your requirements, or send an inquiry using our contact form.