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Having written recently about spammy SEO offers, we were interested in a recent letter we received by post. Written in the style of a child’s letter (including spelling mistakes) it purported to come from a 5 year old. It questioned why the SEO company hadn’t been able to find us within the Google search results. It then claimed it had had to rely on our address details. So is SEO childs play?

Is SEO childs play? The marketing letter

“I said daddy why do they have a website if i cant find them on the internet? even I know how important google search is and im not even six years old yet.”

I probably shouldn’t have read any more here. I should certainly have consigned the letter to the bin, which was the best place to file it. As a casual view of our site stats shows, we actually rank very well for many of our search terms. The author had clearly neither seen our site, nor done any homework. However the tone of the whole letter was much worse even than this. The premise being that even a 5 year old knows the importance of search, so why don’t you dummy? Great way of building rapport with potential customers! Unsurprisingly we won’t be giving this company a call.

Ideas for SEO companies

Well everyone has to market their business, so how can SEO companies go about it properly? We have a few ideas:

1) Have a well optimised website which ranks well for SEO related search terms. This should probably include geographic optimisation, but only if you are targeting a specific geographic area. An SEO website which doesn’t contain very good SEO, isn’t great. It’s a bit like a translation company having a website without any translation. Very strange, and also not very convincing.

2) Show yourself as a quality provider by having good site content and also clearly setting out your credentials.

3) If you must cold call companies then do some research first. You can then show that you know what you are talking about.

4) Don’t talk down to potential clients….. Is this one really that difficult? Over the years we’ve had phone calls bordering on the abusive from people marketing SEO companies. They may not be paying much for the service. However, whether this is provided by employees or sub-contracted, this kind of marketing destroys all credibility.