Stuart Baggs The Brand - The Apprentice

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Viewers of the UK version of The Apprentice, would have found last night’s episode entertaining. They have watched contestant Stuart Baggs make a string of outrageous claims throughout the series. Lord Suger  ousted him yesterday, famously saying that he was “full of s##t”. I was left wondering whether his appearance on the hit TV show would have any business impact. Some quick research on Google this morning seems to counter the claim of “Stuart Baggs the brand”.

Most of us would love the level of national exposure that the TV show has given Stuart. However, I’m left wondering whether he has really missed an opportunity. He appears to have a Twitter account (if genuine) @baggsthebrand. However, he has only sent an apparent 11 Tweets since October.

There could of course be contractual restrictions about what he can say about the show. If he really was a brand, you would have expected him to piggyback off the exposure. Here was a great opportunity to create a stir and get followers.

Building Stuart Baggs the brand – or not

As far as I can tell, he doesn’t have a website. I would have expected him to snap up “StuartBaggsthebrand” or something similar before the series started. He should then have been set-up and ready to go. My conclusions are obvious. This is not great as personal branding. It also tends to support the views of the interview panel in yesterday’s show. They felt that his claims didn’t have any substance.

Communicating in German

Pity really, his one shining achievement for me was how he dealt with the task in Germany in week 8. He made a real effort to communicate in German. He also advised Laura to be careful in her use of English, and not to speak too fast.  She managed to ignore this when pitching, and seemingly speeded up.

Of course we would have loved to translate the Stuart Baggs the brand website into 13 languages. We would probably have done a good discount on German translation in recognition of his efforts. Find out more about our translation services.