Translation Business As Usual - In Freezing Conditions

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It is business as usual today. This is despite bad weather. The view from our office in Bingham is spectacular this morning. There is snow and ice all over the car park. Fortunately, we all got to work OK. There is no interruption to electricity or gas, which would put us out of action. The office is nice and warm, and we can just enjoy the view as we work.

Record low temperatures

There is both frost and snow across the fields behind our industrial estate. Record low temperatures have gripped England over the last few days. We normally fair better than most in Nottingham. We don’t get sea winds, being in the middle of the country. Snow and rain often fail to reach us, as we have the Penine mountains to the west. The whole of the UK has a maritime climate, with warm air from the gulf stream keeping our winters mild. The current cold spell is because of cold air from the arctic. It feels like we are actually there. Was that a polar bear across the fields just now?

Business as usual

Despite this, we are working as normal. We can’t help feeling envious of some of our translators though. It is summer in Australia, for example. At times like these we would love to be in a warmer part of the world! My Canadian friends are always bemused by the UK. We seem to grind to a halt with the merest scattering of snow. In contrast, Canada is frequently in the -20s in winter, and can have several feet of snow.

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