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Better Languages featured on In A Fish Bowl. We are currently featuring as @fish3em on business reality website In A Fish Bowl. After difficult trading conditions during the recession, the business has been fighting back. We always find we can learn most in business from other businesses that have been there already. If you can gain something from our experiences then great! We think you will find our story interesting.

Better Languages in brief

The business has been trading since 1982. It is owned by Mike an Bea Hunter. Based in offices on the Bingham Industrial Estate, the company saw steady growth in the early noughties. The 2007 financial crash did not immediately affect us. However early in 2010 we lost a major contract. The business was exposed, as we had become over reliant on a single customer. We responded by looking at every aspect of our marketing and business development, to try and attract new customers. Live the journey with us.

Expert panel

You can follow our trials and tribulations over the next 6 months. We plan to grow the business, but face the challenge of a tough economic environment. The site features video updates and blog articles written by Mike and Bea. There is also expert comment and articles written by top business experts. These include former Dragons Den Star Rachel Elnaugh, as well as former Apprentice Claire Young.

Better Languages featured on In A Fish Bowl

The site will feature regular updates, with comments from the panel of experts. We also intend to record video on a dedicated YouTube channel. There are Twitter updates as well.

Some key business lessons

The first thing to say, is don’t do what we did, and become over reliant on a large single client. The contract we lost was 37% of the business. Recovery is taking a lot of time and hard work. We are gaining lots of new customers, but it will take time to match the lost revenue.