Translation Company Wins Award

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Translation Services Companies are often the unsung heroes of international trade. Any business looking to export is likely to need translation. We help exporters to internationalise packaging, as well as marketing materials. We were delighted to win an Award in the Notts Business Awards. This was for our achievements in International Trade. As a translation company, we work directly with both importers and exporters. We also directly import ourselves.

Importing and supply chain

We make extensive use of in-country translators and regularly use translators in 27 countries (and counting)! Our clients are in various parts of the world including the US, Far East, and the European mainland. We are happy to talk to you if you are a potential clients or partner company. We offer complimentary services to the packaging and compliance industries, we also work with design houses and web developers. Our largest single assignment to date is 27 languages on a single order, including Kazakh and Ukrainian translation!

International Trade Award

This award is recognition for the hard work of our staff, our translation team, and our other suppliers. We work very closely with our web developers. As you would expect, our IT suppliers are also business critical. We work with local firm Smellie Savage. They provide both onsite and offsite IT support.

Many of our customers are East Midlands businesses. As you would expect, this includes both Nottinghamshire and Leicestershire SMEs, we also work with large multinationals. We are active members of Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire Chamber of Commerce, who run the awards.