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Translation Services advice and support is often something you need. You may be away from your desk, or away from the office. We have launched a dedicated mobile site allowing you to access translation advice and support. You can also access our latest translation news directly from your mobile.

Translation services advice and support

Fed-up with trying to read full size websites with tiny text? Our mobile translation site has slimmed down graphics, and simplified text. The result is that it loads much faster. It is also easier to read on a handheld than a conventional website.

Advice and support on mobile

We’ve also simplified the process of contacting translation advice, with a click to call feature. Of course you can also access the main site from our .mobi domain. Check it out today. We are also very happy to receive feedback, as well as any ideas for how you would like us to improve the service.

2017 update – AMP pages improving the mobile experience

Reading through this old post from 2011, I realise how far we have come. Back then we launched a separate domain in order to give a good mobile experience. These days, smart phones allow you to browse the main site, with responsive design sizing the images to your screen size.

There is also a major advance in technology. We now have AMP pages. This is a special protocol for mobile. The aim is to give you a better website experience. You can also view the standard pages, there is a link to the main site in the footer of every page.

Something which hasn’t changed though. When using a handheld device, you still have a click to call feature on the mobile version. It is therefore really easy to access translation services advice and support by mobile.