Translation Services - Why Buy From Us?

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Looking to purchase Translation Services? Why buy from us? Here are 5 top reasons to source your translations from Better Languages:

1) Flexibility

We offer a wide range of languages and specialisms. Currently over 60 languages, with specialisms including retail labels and packaging, website translation, legal translation, and marketing translation. We also work with technical texts. Much of our work is multilingual. Many projects are more than 10 languages. The record to date is 40 languages on a single order.

2) “Can do” approach

If we can do it, we will. No job is too large of too small. If we can’t do it, we’ll tell you.

3) No call centres or sales teams

You’ll speak directly to one of our project managers or a company director. Our staff member knows something about our industry, and can give professional advice. We are used to talking to people who are new to translation. We can help with simple and practical solutions. This includes that if you don’t need translation, we’ll tell you!

4) Top companies trust us:

Our client list includes large multi-nationals such as Mothercare. We have been Mothercare sole providers since 2006. Our team works with Marks and Spencer, Iceland Foods, and Thorntons. We additionally work for public bodies, charities, as well as local SMEs.

5) Price:

No we probably aren’t the cheapest. There is always someone out there who can offer a lower price. However, what we offer is a quality service. Our translations are top notch, and for a quality provider, we are competitive.

So why buy from us?

Well in short, if you are looking for a quality supplier, need flexibility, and a professional approach, then talk to us. Give us a call on 0115 9788980 (office hours), or use our contact form to get in touch.