UK General Election 2010

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The UK General Election 2010 produced no clear winner. An unusually closely fought election saw no UK party with an overall majority. The campaign was long and arduous. There was much made of personality, but little policy detail. The Liberal Democrats ran a good campaign, considering that they are the smallest of the main parties.

Post election negotiations

As we speak, discussions are starting between the Liberal Democrats and the Conservative Party. We will see whether they can reach a deal.

My view all along has been that the Conservatives lacked credibility in a number of areas. I am skeptical that they can reach a deal with the Lib Dems. This could pave the way to a possible Lib Dem and Labour coalition.

UK General Election 2010 – Thoughts of a coalition

I think this could be a good result for the country. A coalition could lead to political reform. It would also hopefully result in the best of both parties policies. The idea of the Conservatives going it alone with a minority Government, just doesn’t appeal. I would expect there to be be another election before too long if that was the case. We will have to watch and see the result of the negotiations over the weekend.