UK Government Decision On Student Tuition Fees

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On the face of it, you might think tuition fees did not concern a translation company. However, we have great concern about the current political debate in the UK. Changes in higher education funding could have future grave consequences for our industry. Our freelance translators, and direct staff, always hold at least a first degree. In most instances they will also have post-graduate level qualifications. Student tuition fees are therefore an important issue for us.

Decline in language graduates

The UK is already seeing a decline in language study, and also language graduates. This follows a crazy decision by the previous Government. This was removing the requirement for pupils to study a foreign language to GCSE level (age 16). We are very concerned by this potential 3 fold hike in tuition fees. This will deter many potential undergraduates from pursuing a university education. Sadly, our industry will be the worse for this. Looking further afield, it will also affect many of our other suppliers. This includes businesses such as professional services companies, web designers etc.

Impact of student tuition fees

The worrying trend here is that we are falling behind other parts of the world. Indeed, other European Union countries, place greater emphasis on both degrees and languages. The likely long term result of this could be a decline in UK universities. This in turn, will also result in a decline in UK competitiveness within the global economy. Our sincere hope is that the Government will think again. We would like them to review the decision. They should consider alternative university funding proposals. The aim should not be to increase student tuition fees.