UK Summer Bank Holiday 2010

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Well its the Friday afternoon before the summer bank holiday. What would you expect a translation company to be doing? Unsurprisingly we are working on a range of translation projects! Current translation projects include care label translations for two regular clients, various food label translation project, we also have work being typeset, and are working on a couple of energy drink labels which include translation, typesetting, and legal compliance work, which we are working on with one of our compliance partners. We are working on a range of assignments for a client looking to do business in China. This includes translating marketing materials, business cards as well as website content.

International Trade award

We are preparing a new brochure about our translation services. This will be available in both hard copy and also as a downloadable PDF in the near future. The team is due to attend several interesting promotional events next month.  September looks as though its going to be a very busy month. We are up for an award in the Nottinghamshire Business Awards. Our nomination is in the International Trade category.

Some of our translators are working during the UK summer bank holiday

So what of plans for the weekend? Well, many of our translators are working on Monday. This is because they are based in many countries. For some of our translators, tomorrow isn’t even the weekend! We currently have over 150 translators in 27 countries spanning 5 continents. For the office staff, based in the UK, the weather forecast doesn’t look very exciting. Two of our staff are on holiday, and both are overseas so should miss the dreary UK weather.

Taking a break

I’m certainly looking forward to the break. The weather  forecast looks bad. So I have a good excuse not to varnish the patio doors. We should manage a couple of lazy dog walks, and also watch a bit of television.  I have some track to lay on my new model railway. Whether I’ll have anything running by Tuesday, we’ll have to wait and see.

Office opening

If you are on holiday this weekend, have a good break, and I’m sorry if you are having to work. The office will be open again on Tuesday.