Volcanic Ash Clouds And Airlines - Business Impact

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It all seems very surreal at the moment. Most European airspace is closed for business. This is consequently, no joke for the aviation industry. However, it is also having a big impact on other businesses. As an internet business, in theory we aren’t very affected. Who would have thought that volcanic ash clouds could cause such disruption.

Working with global clients and suppliers

The good thing about the internet is that international delivery is usually when you hit “send” on an e-mail. We work with clients and suppliers in many countries. Most parts of the world are completely unaffected. At a human level, many people in the UK are affected. Some people are stuck overseas unable to get back from holidays. Businesses are unable to send people on international travel.

Impact on Better Languages staff

We are actually directly affected. We have a new member of staff due to start next week. She is on an EU funded graduate placement programme.  Hopefully Maren will be able to get here soon. However, her flight has already been canceled for the weekend. Many of our clients are directly affected as they work in different global markets, and need to move staff around. Hopefully the disruption won’t carry on for a long time. Weather reports seem to suggest that it will carry on for a while.

Icelandic volcanic ash clouds

International readers who haven’t seen the news might wonder what this is all about. The BBC website is a good source of news on the subject, including latest updates. There has been a major eruption of Eyjafjallajoekull, a volcano in Iceland. It has spread volcanic ash clouds through the atmosphere in much of western Europe.

You may get the idea that we are under a dense cloud of ash. It is nothing like it though. The concentration in the atmosphere is very low, the problem is that it is dangerous to jet engines.

Our hope is that the situation will improve soon, and that things will return to normal.