Website Improvements

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We are very pleased to have completed some major website improvements. This includes moving Better Languages onto a new hosting platform. Hopefully this should significantly improve the site visitor experience, with pages loading much faster. It will definitely be an improvement on recent days, when the site was down, with no adequate explanation. Thanks NetSol.

Our commitment is to provide a good, informative site. To this end we invest in web design as well as content development. We trust you enjoy the site, and also find it useful.

Problems with NetSol hosting

We had a bit of a nightmare with our previous hosting providers. Anyone who followed our Twitter campaign will know this. The site was down for nearly 5 days, with no adequate explanation from Network Solutions. This is bad news for any company, but we rely on our website in order to win new business. Not only does a broken site mean loss of traffic, it also means potential customers are going elsewhere.

Website improvements and faster load speed

We have now moved to UK hosting with UKFast. The team are watching intently in order to see if this improves our site performance in the SERPS. We think it will. This is because Google is taking greater note of load speed. What’s better for a spider, is also usually better for human readers too. We’ve already noticed improved pay per click performance, as well as a lower bounce rate. We’ll let you know what happens next.