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Website translation projects are a major part of our work. This month promises to be quite busy. We have already done quotes for a couple of interesting projects and today is only 3rd September! This week we have helped a client prepare a Simplified Chinese mini-site. This will allow them to promote their business in China. Other recent projects have included an e-commerce site translated into Spanish.

Planning your website translation projects

So you are thinking about translating your website. Like any area of work, its important to have a clear idea of what you want to achieve. Translation takes time, as well as commitment, and of course money. Clients are often surprised by the amount of work involved in translating a website. Our normal process is to allocate translators, as well as proofreaders, who are specialist in your subject area. This ensures correct terminology. We also aim for a natural feel within the target language.

Translation formats

Just as not all websites are the same, the translation task is not always the same. If the site is constructed using static html pages, then we can also provide the translation in html. We work most with Excel, XML, and Word, however. Most modern content management systems, have provision to import the translations in these formats.

technical language, style and tone

Some sites may have very general language. However, the majority of our translations have a degree of technical content. It is important that your translation team have the necessary technical understanding to deliver a good end product. Style and tone are also important, particularly if you want to give the right marketing message. We normally suggest that you give us a lot of licence. We need to choose the style and tone that we feel is appropriate to the target market. Alternatively, you can brief us if you have a style guide in the required language. The majority of our translators are in-country in the target countries you want to reach.

Background information and reference material

Last year we translated an intranet site for a multi-national end client. We didn’t have access to other internal information. Although the company is a major brand, we were translating their internal communications, so were not able to refer to a publicly available style. It was therefore quite “hit and miss” that we chose the right style, and had a happy client.

Access to similar internal company information, including style guides or any other company protocol is invaluable to translators. Of course we use any information already in the public domain, for reference. This could include your publicly available website, or marketing materials. Here it is much easier to match your existing style.

Next steps:

We are always willing to talk about your website translation projects, either large or small. The earlier we talk, the better. We don’t have call centres, just helpful translation professionals. Call us on +44 (0)115 9788980 or use our contact form.