Chinese Translation Service

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Chinese Translation is an important part of our work. Many of our regular clients require translation into Simplified Chinese, or Traditional Chinese. Need Chinese Translation? Ask us for a quote.

Chinese Translators:

We always use professional translators, who are also native of the target language. It is also particularly important that the translator has a good understanding of English culture. This is so that they can most accurately reflect the source language within the translation. Much of our work is translating documents for retail. This can include product packaging, food labelling, as well as care label translations. We also translate product guides and user manuals.

Unsure about which Chinese Character Set you require?

Clients are often unsure of which character set to use. The difference between Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese refers to the two written character sets. The Peoples Republic of China uses the Simplified character set. Hong Kong and Taiwan use Traditional Chinese, as do neighbouring areas of China, as well as some Chinese ex-pat communities.

So what is the difference between Simplified and Traditional Chinese?

Literally, the Simplified Character set is a simplified form of the written language. Traditional Chinese is the original form of the language. It has approximately 6500 commonly used characters. China had a big literacy problem, so the communist government decided to simplify the written language. Hence the name. Simplified Chinese uses approximately 4500 commonly used characters. The actual characters are also simpler – requiring less pen strokes if you are writing by hand. Some Chinese can read both character sets. Indeed, we have some translators who work with both. However, the majority of people can read only one of the two character sets. This means that if your target market is both China and Taiwan or Hong Kong, you will need both character sets.

How do I know that the Characters are displaying correctly?

There is good font compatibility with Chinese these days, because most Chinese fonts are Unicode compliant. You do however need to have the fonts loaded on your computer to be able to see the characters. When we provide Chinese translations in a word format, we always provide a complimentary PDF copy. This allows you to verify what you should be seeing on screen.

Typesetting Chinese:

We offer a typesetting service in Chinese with either character set. Most major design programmes work well with Chinese characters providing your designer has the necessary fonts. They can be expensive to buy. Therefore, if you aren’t dealing with Chinese regularly, it is probably better to use our typesetting service. Layout in Chinese is a designer’s dream! As each character represents a word, either variant of Chinese is normally shorter than an English equivalent text. It is also possible to line break at any point without losing sense.