Food Labelling In International Markets

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New Market, New Labels guest article by Stuart Shotton

The advent of e-commerce and high speed transit links has produced a new type of consumer. One who wishes to explore the cuisines of other cultures. With this new consumer demand, new markets also appear. Venturing into a new country is an exciting time for any business. This brings with it the potential for increased growth and exposure. Also as a consequence, the possibility to increase profit.

Food labelling in international markets

However, new countries bring with it new cultures and potentially a wholly different legal framework. This affects how you can market and present your product. It is fair to say that many developed countries in this day and age have established their own regulatory requirements. These are normally based on the principles of worldwide recognised standards. Standards such as Codex Alimentarius and those produced by the International Standards Organisation (ISO). These can result in a degree of harmonisation between EU and Non-EU countries.

However, even within the EU a significant number of differences can be found, especially in the area of food. Ice Cream produced outside of the UK for instance is unlikely to meet the UK’s own compositional requirements. These relate to the minimum amounts of fat and protein that must be present. Foods containing certain additives which are legally acceptable within Spain may not be acceptable within Germany. This is due to differences in the interpretation and translation of EU legislation. This then affects subsequent transposition into National requirements.

Minimising international labelling risk

All in all, issues such as this can make exploring new markets sometimes seem “too risky”. However, organisations such as FoodChain Europe can help you to reduce that risk. Utilising their knowledge and contacts to provide you with practical economical advice and service. Together with Better Languages, our industry leading experts can provide you with pre-market reports. These include legal and practical issues affecting new markets. We also provide legal pack copy and sign off for your labels. Our competitors cannot match our turnaround times and prices.

Stuart Shotton

Consultancy Services Manager

FoodChain Europe Ltd