Japanese Earthquake And Tsunami 11 03 11

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Like everyone in the UK this morning, we are watching the news from Japan. The earthquake and tsunami has left us very shocked, as well as saddened. It is already clear that there is significant loss of life. There is also severe damage to Japanese infrastructure. We are hearing some stories of incredible courage and bravery. We have several translators based in Japan. Our Japanese translators living in the UK also have family and friends in the area.

How can we help?

When we watch such terrible tragedies unfolding, it is very easy to think that we can’t do anything. There are of course many things we can do to help. Several of the leading aid agencies have already launched appeals. It is also possible to volunteer for organisations like the Red Cross. As Christians, we believe very strongly in the power of prayer.

Thoughts and prayers after the tsunami

Our thoughts and prayers are with the Japanese people. We also pray for everyone caught up with this terrible event. As a translation company, we obviously have links with Japan. This is because we translate between Japanese and English on a regular basis. Fortunately, none of our translators are directly affected.