Pre-Christmas Translation Orders

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Its very busy at Better Languages towers this morning, with lots of Christmas translation orders. We have several large projects on the go. We even have clients coming out of the woodwork. One hasn’t ordered for nearly three years. We also have a major client who we lost about 18 months ago and is now back.

Christmas translation orders

I feel a bit like Santa, with our huge rush of Christmas translation orders! December can be a funny month for us, as we normally squeeze a months work into just over three weeks. What is also encouraging is that we have work for different sizes of clients. This includes SMEs dipping their toe in export for the first time and larger companies also pushing in international markets. Our largest area of work is UK exporters. Especially where work is multi-language from English. Its very encouraging to see UK PLC pushing to make a difference.

British economy this Christmas

There can be a temptation to listen to the economic doom and gloom in the news. Its therefore easy to predict a difficult 2012. I wouldn’t minimise the impact of the Eurozone crisis, and a sluggish UK economy. However, I’m personally expecting better things.

Translation and economic performance

Translation can be an early indicator of improved export performance. This is because most products and services require translation in order to reach new international markets. Often there are legal requirements to translate.

We work with highly regulated areas including care label translation, and food label translation, as well as pharmaceutical translations. Then there is also the marketing translation aspect. Whether you need printed marketing materials or website translation. Both help you to sell your product or service to an international audience.