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Russian Translation Services have been a Better Languages specialism right from the early 1980s. We continue to translate lots of Russian.

In the early days of the internet, Russian could be a real pain to deal with. This was not because of any issues with translation, but because of font compatibility problems.

We still occasionally come across small design houses who don’t have the capability to typeset Russian fonts. However, these days there is very good Unicode compliance. This allows us to supply most Russian translation in a Word or Excel format.

Russian layout issues

Translating into Russian can cause layout problems for artworkers, because Russian is particularly long relative to English. It is longer than most other languages we work with regularly. When we translate legal contracts, there are special space considerations. It is common to place the two languages side by side, clause by clause. However with English and Russian together, it is quite often necessary to use a smaller font size for the Russian. Without this, you end up with loads of blank space between paragraphs in the English.

Our Russian translation experience:

We translate both ways. That is, we translate both Russian to English, and English to Russian. Translators and proofreaders are always native of the target language, and of relevant specialism. With Russian care label translation, we have translators who have worked with us for over twenty years. We use glossaries, and translation memory to ensure consisistency and accuracy between projects.

Care labelling can be very tricky in Russian for two reasons. One is the space issue alluded to before. The other is that Russia has very strict regulation with regards to both fibre compositions and wash care labelling. It is therefore particularly important to use a specialist Russian translator.

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