Translation Of Packaging

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Translation of packaging is a major area of our work. We work with some of the UKs leading brands. We translate pack copy into a wide variety of languages.

Better Languages can offer you:

  • fast and accurate translation of packaging
  • EU compliance advice from one of our compliance partners
  • ISO9001: 2008 UKAS certified Quality Management System
  • Advice on going multi-lingual at any stage of the process
  • in-country translators for most markets, translating into their native language

The benefits of working regularly with Better Languages:

  • better understanding of your packaging translation needs
  • named Translation Manager to manage your account
  • consistency, as we use the same translators wherever possible and build client specific glossaries
  • use of Translation Memory – this shouldn’t be confused with machine translation. Your translation will always be human authored and edited. However, we can also offer discounts for repetitions. We build a database of previous translations which we can then refer to with new projects

Typically smaller clients approach us either with existing single language artwork, or with existing multi-lingual pack copy. They want to be sure that they are compliant for their target market. We don’t normally proofread other people’s work. This is because food is highly technical. If the existing translation is poor, then it will be quicker, and safer to start again.

Working from specifications, or existing artwork:

We can prepare translation source text from either a specification or from existing packaging. However, this will cost extra, and you will need to sign off the source text prior to translation. Translating from a clean, pre-prepared and editable source text, will be both quicker and cheaper.

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