Artwork Proofing

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Clients are often surprised when we quote for artwork proofing. They tend to just want translation. However,  there are many things that can go wrong between finished translation and finalised artwork. We always recommend that the original translators should check all artwork. Any manipulation of text introduces risk of error. So as soon as an artworker has to manipulate the text, errors can creep in.

Artwork proofing – spotting errors

Basic issues like wrong language in the wrong place, may be readily checkable. But if the languages look similar, this is very hard for a none native to do. Font errors, or compatibility issues can arise with some languages. For example all major design programmes corrupt right to left languages. You need specially typeset them using the Middle Eastern version of the product. Complex languages like Chinese are easy to handle providing you have the necessary fonts. However, would you know if the characters were the wrong type of Chinese (Simplified or Traditional)? Would you know if there was missing text?

Artwork proofing and QA

We have clients who take QA checking of finished artwork very seriously. It is still possible however, to have minor errors appearing. This can happen even when you have checked the text several times. Talk to us today about our artwork checking service.