Food Labelling: UK Government Announce Consistent System For Front Of Pack Labelling.

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The UK Government have announced a new voluntary code for consistent front of pack food labelling to be introduced by the summer of 2013, the BBC reports.

Front of pack food labelling is a key issue for retailers and manufacturers. This is because it is often your best opportunity to market your product. You can also inform and inspire consumers in a clear and prominent way.

Better Languages views on the proposed food labelling changes

Consumers will welcome moves towards consistency. However, I have to confess that I am puzzled by the UK Government’s approach.  This is because, I wouldn’t expect them to work independently of Brussels on this issue. The last thing exporters need to contend with is conflicting front of pack requirements from different EU states. The EU is a long way from harmonization on this issue. However, as many food exporters will know, a “go it alone” approach by the UK will only make matters worse. This is strange at a time when the Government is trying to target exporting as a way out of recession. This is especially important as the food and drink sector is significant to UK exports. Food and drink is one of the British export success stories of recent years.

Help with international food labelling

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