Happy 4th July to our American site readers. It feels a bit funny as the ex-colonial power wishing you Happy Independence! Have a great day.

Working with Americans

We work with some great American customers. Since the early days of the internet, we have also worked with many US based translators. When dealing with the US, us Brits have to consider the culture and time differences. It is easy to assume that we share a common language, but there are important differences between US and UK English.

The timezone difference can be a help or a hinderance. It is great with suppliers, as if working on a tight deadline, we lengthen our working day by US based staff working on a project. For customers, we have to work hard when it comes to teleconferences, and receiving answers by email. We normally have meetings late in our business day. We plan project timelines wherever possible to allow for the timezone difference.

Happy 4th July from our team

Our team offer all our American customers, suppliers and site readers, a very happy 4th July.

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