Multichannel Retail Translation

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Growth in multi-channel retail inevitably impacts your business needs. You need to think carefully about your multichannel retail translation requirements. Good planning will pay dividends. You will gain consistency.

Multichannel retail in global markets

As you look to grow your retail business internationally, translation should be part of your strategy. Your multichannel strength in the UK is likely to be replicable overseas. However, such a strategy has some risks.

First mover advantage

Both a plus and a possible minus is the the strong position of the UK retail online. This can give first mover advantage if replicated in some markets. However, there are also risks, for example France and Germany have strong indigenous multichannel retail. You need to be able to compete effectively.

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Brand consistency

Whilst strong online presence gives you the potential to use the same model in international markets. A key risk is consistency. Rather than treating website translation completely separately to packaging translation, we would argue that retailers should adopt a holistic approach, using the same translation company for both online, and offline translation needs.

A major benefit of this is consistency, do you really want the same product title translated differently online and offline? Using translation memory, we can give both consistency and accuracy. There may also be cost savings across your range, as you will only be paying for translation once. For example, you may well have matching product descriptions for use both online and offline. These will only need to be translated once.

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