Record Year For Better Languages Translation Services Company

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It has been a record year for Better Languages. We are pleased to announce a record trading year in 2011-12. This is our best ever year, with turnover up over 50%. Ironically our best performance has been in the second half of the year. This was during the months when the UK economy as a whole has been in recession. So what are the reasons for this success?

So why has it been a record year for Better Languages?

We have had major growth in several of our key services. Read more about what has happened in each of these areas:

Translation Services 

Our team has translated into more  languages than ever before. We are often asked what our most translated language is. We translate into all the European languages that you would expect.  French and German, as well as Spanish and Italian being our top EU languages. But we also translate into lots of central European languages including Polish, Czech, Slovak, Romanian and Hungarian. There is de finite growth in Middle and Far Eastern languages. Also this year, we have translated into Burmese and Malay for the first time.

Typesetting Services

We are increasingly being asked to supply multilingual typesetting in InDesign, or Illustrator formats. This is especially for Middle and Far Eastern languages. We supply Arabic and Farsi as outlined EPS files for many of our customers. Even some major design agencies require our expertise to set right to left languages. This is because they corrupt in the standard versions of all the major design programmes. There is a workaround, but it involves highlighting and inverting individual characters, something I wouldn’t want to do…….

Artwork checking and QA:

It puzzles me that some companies don’t see the need to check artwork. It is so easy for designers to get things wrong, because any manipulation of text risks error. We have seen a significant growth in our artwork check and sign-off service. This has particularly been for annual reports and other high profile documents, as well as multilingual retail packaging.