The Better Languages team would like to offer all our clients, as well as our suppliers and other business friends and acquaintances Christmas and New Year greetings.

Christmas and New Year greetings

We wish you a very happy Christmas, as well as a happy and prosperous New Year.

The Christmas and New Year holiday is one holiday that we do quite well as a nation in the UK. Most businesses close over the holidays. It is an important time for families. England has some nice Christmas traditions. We have traditional songs, called carols. Typical food is turkey on Christmas Day. There are always lots of films on the TV.

Scotland tends to celebrate new Year more than Christmas, although Christmas is still important there.

Better Languages Christmas and New Year opening

We close on 24th December and reopen on 2nd January 2014. Our offices close between these dates. Some of our translators will be working. We will deliver pre-Christmas orders early in the New Year.

Working with translators in many different countries, holiday dates vary from country to country. Multi-lingual translation orders placed up to 24th December, will therefore be subject to confirmation of deadline, and are likely to take longer than at other times of the year. If you need anything urgently, please contact us as soon as possible.