UK Trade and Investment is urging British businesses to get involved in export during Export Week. This dedicated week of events is from 13th – 17th May.

Better Languages supports Export Week

We support Export Week. As exporters ourselves, we know the difference successful exporting can make to your bottom line. Provided that is, that you get it right.

Companies often overlook language translation when they start to export. However, it is crucial in many markets where English is not the first language. Even the US often has different legal requirements for product packaging compared with the UK. It is though also possible to underplay the differences between US and UK English. This is especially true with marketing texts. We do however translate a lot of Spanish for the US market.

Overcoming language barriers to export

As exporters ourselves, we are very aware that language can be a barrier to export. As a translation business, we can obviously quote for work in any major language. However, even for us it is much easier to pick up the phone and speak to a UK client. With overseas customers this may be more difficult, and responses less instant. We benefited from an Export Communications Review, as part of the excellent UKTI “Passport to Export” programme. This scheme helps identify possible barriers to communications, and helps companies to start thinking about how to address communication issues.

Specialist translation for exporters

The type of service we offer to exporters is help to translate marketing literature, including website translation, we also translate export packaging for major retailers including Mothercare, Early Learning Centre, and M&S. Specialisms include care label translation, and food label translation.

Don’t be tempted to ask your agents or distributors to handle your translation. The difficulty with this approach, is that you lose control of your brand message. Also, if the translation is of poor quality the first you will know is likely to be poor sales. Even worse, it could be when you face litigation and/or product recalls in the target country. Getting it right is really important in terms of all kinds of marketing information. However, nowhere is this more important than in heavily regulated areas like food labelling.