We were very concerned to discover this week, that someone is trying to make fraudulent use of our company name. We take identity theft and fraud very seriously. It was a shock when someone purporting to be one of our staff members, sent us a LinkedIn invite. We want to be very clear that David Vuzaut has never worked for Better Languages, and has no association with us.

Company statement – fraudulent use of our company name

“It has come to our attention that someone calling himself David Vuzaut has set up a LinkedIn profile falsely claiming to be a Better Languages project manager. We want to make it very clear that this person has never had any connection with Better Languages in any capacity, either as an employee or as an outside supplier. We are extremely concerned that this person may attempt to use this false information for personal gain, either in seeking employment, or ordering goods or services claiming to be a member of Better Languages staff.” Mike Hunter, CEO betterlanguages.com Ltd.

Update: action by LinkedIn

We are relieved to report that LinkedIn have taken our complaint very seriously. They contacted the profile holder, and gave him opportunity to amend his profile. When he failed to do this, they took down the profile. Fraudulent use of LinkedIn and other platforms is a major problem for the translation industry. We are thankful that LinkedIn took the matter seriously, and resolved it very promptly.

False CVs

There is a major problem in the translation industry with people circulating false CVs. Employers and end clients need to be very diligent in checking translator credentials. We suspect this profile was an attempt to use our company name fraudulently for personal gain. This could have been either ordering work from unsuspecting translators using our name, or showing a false work history in order to get work.

Taking action:

If you suspect a LinkedIn profile to be in any way false, you will find the site very responsive in investigating complaints. When we receive fake translators CVs, it is much harder to do anything about it. There is however a very good site which is combatting CV fraud in the translation industry. Find out more about the translator scammers directory.