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Working in a competitive industry such as translation services, effective SEO, and also good web design, are essential to our business. It probably will therefore come as no surprise, that we work regularly with a professional and ethical SEO company. They help us with important things such as optimising page content, as well as link building. Before every SEO company in Britain reaches for the phone, or worse the spam email, please read on! Our current supplier is an ethical search marketing company. No spammy links, neither dodgy reports. We have Google analytics enabled on our site, and monitor closely both our site performance and theirs. Bearing in mind that we are very pleased with improved ranking of our site, we aren’t looking for other suppliers.

I want to name and shame a company which has just tried to approach us., they sent me a nice spammy email, with a link to a website “report”. Their analysis of our pay per click campaign was embarrassing. Bearing in mind that we run this in-house, and also know how it performs. Imagine my surprise to be told that we have only one campaign. The report on our organic rankings was even worse. There was no mention of any of the key phrases which we rank for. They just gave a list of less relevant results where we also rank. Very lazy, and not at all convincing. If they can’t tell what we are optimising for and ranking for, its quite worrying. Sadly, some people get taken in by these so called experts, otherwise they wouldn’t bother. So how do you spot a good SEO company?

Here’s our 5 tips for choosing an SEO company:

1) Resist the temptation to respond to spam email, because it will end in tears if you recruit a supplier this way.

2) Do they “put something in”. Our supplier has a great internet marketing newsletter, and this is full of free SEO hints and tips.

3) Personal recommendation, ask successful businesses who they use! As with many areas of business, references from a successful and happy client go a long way.

4) Check out their credentials and knowledge.

5) Beware the promise of instant results, especially “we’ll get you to position 1 on Google”. What do they mean, especially as any fool can rank for a phrase that no-one is searching for! With the promise of top ranking for a keyphrase like “translation services” for £100, run a mile. It ain’t going to happen!

Oh and by the way:

If you need help with internationalising a website, we can help. We supply website translation services in all major languages. We can work with your web developers and SEO company, in order to ensure a cracking good result in your chosen target languages. Like any other area of SEO, its likely to take time and dedication to succeed with an international website. Contact us to discuss your requirements.